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Apr 112014

BCSpiritBear.com Is Distracting Me!


Apollo – BCSpiritBear.com

Many of you probably don’t know me as The Bear Lady. I’m currently being distracted by my other passion; Spirit Bears and all Black Bears of The Great Bear Rainforest. Since it is time for all bears to be out spring foraging, it’s also time for us to create more videos about our special bear Apollo, as he comes out of his winter den.

Here’s one of the more popular Spirit Bear videos on the net;

Spirit Bear Hibernating In His Winter Den

Check out many more Apollo, Spirit Bear Videos; http://bcspiritbear.com/spirit-bear-videos/apollo-video-archives/

Check out information about White Kermode Spirit Bears; http://bcspiritbear.com

I’ll be back with you shortly (-:

Stephanie Waymen CNC


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