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May 072014
Buddha Herb's Complete Multivitamin Review by Certified Nutritionist

Buddha Herb’s Complete Multivitamin

Review by Certified Nutritionist

Buddha Herb's Complete Multivitamin Review by Certified Nutritionist

Buddha Herb’s “Complete Multivitamin” for adults 45+ is one of the best senior multivitamins
on the market today.

But not for reasons you’d expect!

Yes, as a multivitamin for seniors it has everything you need, including Lutein and Lycopene for the Baby Boomer eyes. Yes, it has 29 essential vitamins and minerals to support heart, bones, eyes and memory (what memory?), all scientifically formulated specifically for seniors. But what does that mean?

It provides 100 % or more of the recommended daily amount of the antioxidants Vitamin C and E, as well as Vitamin D and each of the B-Complex Vitamins. Which is designed for seniors.

But did you know seniors do not need much iron? In fact, too much iron is a problem for many seniors, especially men, who can build toxic levels of iron in the blood as they age. Buddha Herb’s “Complete Multivitamin” has negligible amounts of iron; less than 0.5% of DV.

Buddha Herb’s Complete Multivitamin 45+ has many benefits:

  • You need not ever be afraid of choking on this multi! Most multis are so big, the potential for choking on them is high. You only need that happen once to be afraid of it happening again. No fear, the tablets are shaped long and smooth, coated for easy swallowing. Plus they aren’t a giant size anyway, they’re more like a 500 mg Vit C tab, goes down well.
  • One of the best features of “Complete Multivitamin for 45+” is the smell! Most multis are so high in the B Vitamins (Your body can’t absorb that much B anyway, all that yellow pee is wasted B Vitamins) that the smell is a serious turn off. Especially after you’ve had it open for a few weeks, no nasty B smell! This is important so you’ll be motivated to finish the whole bottle.
  • Speaking of B Vitamins, another appreciated feature is their B Vitamins only contain 20 mgs of Niacin. High dosages of Niacin can cause a scarey red flushing, that has sent many unaware consumers to emergency! We need Niacin for our mental and physical health. It’s great to see a multi that doesn’t substitute their Niacin with the non-flushing niacinimide. At 20 mgs of Niacin, you shouldn’t feel any flushing, but IF you do…know that the Niacin is simply dilating your blood vessels to release old, trapped radiation, it goes away in about 20 minutes.
  • Buddha Herb’s Complete Multi also digests well…no post multi burping! This is an excellent feature that is a problem with high dosage multis, they burp up for hours afterwards, not fun.
  • This multi also contains trace minerals Silicon and Chromium, not usually found in multis. Silicon or Silica is excellent for strong hair, skin, nails and bones. Chromium is an essential trace mineral that helps balance blood sugar levels. And since our modern agricultural methods no longer put chromium in the soil, many of us are missing this important mineral for preventing diabetes and hypoglycemia.
  • Another excellent addition to the minerals is 150 mcgs of Iodine. Lack of Iodine in our diet and supplements is causing rampant hypothyroidism, causing many challenges to dieters. Iodine is the main thyroid nutrient to prevent a low thyroid, thus improving metabolism, energy, hormones and memory.
  • All the minerals you need for proper electrolyte balance are nicely put together in this multi, including a good amount of potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • And on top of all that, it helps combat Oxidative Stress by providing 100% RDA antioxidants C and E, plus Vitamin D, all of which we need to take daily to combat the aging effects of Oxidative Stress from pollution, stress, poor diet, no exercise and smoking.
  • You get 200 coated, easy to swallow tabs, for about $15.00…incredible bargain for a quality multivitamin!

Buddha Herb’s calls their supplements “Nature’s Miracle”.
I call the Complete Multivitamin “Senior’s Miracle”!

Order Buddha Herb’s Complete Multivitamin 45+ here.

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