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Alternative Cancer Treatments – Historical Guide

There are so many alternative cancer remedies and combinations of remedies that have proven themselves through time, it’s hard to make an educated choice. While some people attest to the use of meditation and guided imagery, others talk about the healing value of natural fruits and vegetables. Yet others swear by the immune developing properties of Urine Therapy or a purely Raw Food Diet.
The following is an alternative cancer treatment historical guide.

I do not recommend any one specific cancer therapy mentioned here. I feel its important to do your research and do what feels right for you. Maybe you’re attracted to the raw food diet, or maybe you live in a Northern clime where a raw food diet just doesn’t work. Maybe you feel its right to check into a Mexican cancer clinic, or one of the new up and coming “Alternative combined with Allopathy” clinics in Vancouver BC, Canada…an excellent and safe way to go. This list of alternative cancer treatments is simply a guide for you to do further research. You can Google each treatment listed for more detailed specifics.

Alternative Nutritional Cancer treatments

One of the most widely known cures to date is the raw vegetable diet. A Danish Doctor, Kristine Nolfi, is complimented in her work by first curing herself, and then went on to cure many others with this diet. Even though she was shunned by the medical community for her unacceptable practices, her fame became quickly widespread. Soon others as far away as New Zealand like Dr. Eva Hill replicated her results in herself and many more.

Again a self cure precipitated the discovery of the now famous Wheat Grass Juice Cure, by Ann Wigmore. Ann also included a strict vegetarian dietary regimen. The Wheat Grass is best served by mincing the wheat grass before pressing it by hand. A centrifugal juicer will destroy valuable enzymes that are essential to the healing process.

Thousands will testify to this day of the healing properties of black grapes. Once more, a woman back in the 1920′s in South Africa cured herself of stomach cancer by ingesting only grapes for six weeks. Many more have been cured with this method to this day. Black grapes are considered the best variety. Only lightly wash to retain valuable antioxidants on the grape skin. Organic is best since most commercial grapes have been heavily sprayed with pesticides.

Another cure that claims to have thousands of adherents, called the Breuss Cure, in Germany. This remedy is mainly made up of beetroot with some added celery and radish. Once more a maximum of 500 ml. daily is ingested for a six week period for best results. Onion broth and cleansing herbal teas are included with this remedy.

Supplements were mainly used by Hans Neiper along with a good diet to inhibit the growth of tumors and stimulate the immune system. He saw that it was supplements that would degrade the tumor with large scale enzyme supplementation that would strengthen the liver and general over all well being of the patients. Nieper’s success rate for terminal cancer was a whopping 50 percent. If you survived after eighteen months you could expect to live a good long life. As opposed to chemotherapy where life expectancy drops after eighteen months.

Another fermentation recipe that was also attributed to another German researcher, is Dr. Johanna Budwig. This remedy was found using good quality flax and linseed oils in combination with quark and a mainly vegetarian diet. The German word for quark is cottage cheese. Dr. Budwig made quark from a lactic acid fermented raw skim milk. This provided beneficial fermentation products as well as a high amount of sulfur amino acids. It is the methionine and cysteine which together with the poly-unsaturated fatty acids in flax and linseed oils that demonstrably cause regression in the tumor development.

There are still a strong following of the Are Waerland diet throughout Germany and Scandinavia. His solution was to use sour milk and similar products in conjunction with raw or partly cooked whole grains, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Another rendition on the previous theme was used by Bircher-Benner who also promoted a lacto-vegetarian raw food diet. You might recognize his name for the now famous Macro-biotic diet. Cooked brown rice with a limited amount of raw foods makes this diet different from other anti cancer diets. Some claim this diet alone has cured them of cancer.

Back in the early 50′s a Hungarian, Doctor A. Ferenczi used two pounds of beetroot a day to successfully support tumor regression. The purple coloring containing anthocyanin is attributed to being the active ingredient in this remedy. Apparently it is also available today as a freeze dried powder.

One of the most widely known therapies was developed by Dr. Max Gershon. He stressed the high potassium levels that are found more in the skin and outer parts of the preferably organic fruits and vegetables. Like Dr. Fere is New Zealand he also eliminated sodium, but added potassium instead of salt.

Gershon’s prescriptions also included a number of supplements such as hydrochloric acid with pepsin, high dosages of Lugol’s solution for iodine combined together with freeze dried thyroid, niacin, royal jelly and vitamin B12 with crude liver. He also included raw liver juice for its high content of enzymes. With the over development of chemicals in farming the liver juice was eliminated and exchanged with flax and linseed oils.

Another cornerstone next to Gershon’s liver therapy was his use, of several daily coffee enemas. Without which patients with advanced cancer would die even though their tumors were regressing. Gershon’s track record was fifty percent in terminally diagnosed patients.

In addition, Gershon prescribed hydrochloric acid with pepsin, pancreatin, and high doses of Lugol’s solution for iodine together with freeze-dried thyroid, niacin, royal Jelly and injections of vitamin B12 with crude liver. In addition, raw liver juice was used for its high content of enzymes. Later, with increasing chemicalization use in agriculture, the liver juice was omitted while linseed/flax oil was belatedly added to the list of supplements.

Liver detoxification with frequent coffee enemas was another cornerstone of the Gerson Therapy; otherwise patients with advanced cancer might die despite disappearing tumors. Gershon treated hundreds of so-called terminal cases of which about 50 % recovered.

One of the first Doctors to recognize the harmful effects of rotting teeth and mercury in the amalgams was Dr. Issels. He saw that the positive outcomes in his cancer patients were severely restricted, unless they had all their amalgam filled and decaying teeth removed before commencing therapy.

An American dentist DR. W. D. Kelly, who was diagnosed with fatal multiple tumors of the liver, pancreas and other organs was told he had one month to live. He then went on to cure himself completely with high doses of pancreatin. Pancreas enzymes found to be very effective, even too effective in destroying cancerous tumors. Kelly like a lot of other cancer therapists saw the danger in destroying the tumors too quickly. Thereby releasing too many toxins in the body killing the host. He recommended daily Epsom salt purges to cleanse during this critical period. Even coffee enemas were used to enhance the body’s ability to deal with the toxins.

You can undergo your own inexpensive self test for cancer detection according to Dr. Kelly. He recommends taking six to eight pancreatin tablets after each meal for four weeks. If you experience nausea, fatigue or headaches then it’s likely to be cancerous. You will experience feeling better and brighter with more energy then it is probably pre-cancerous. If little or no visible difference is determined then there is probably no early cancer. Even though a malignant clinically detectable tumor is diagnosed.

In one independent study of Dr. Kelly’s vast works, his documentation and results of ten thousand verified diagnoses, showed amazing success. One study clearly detailed complete recovery with pancreatic cancer, where conventional treatments show no survivors at all.

We are all accustoming ourselves in the understanding that a whole or raw food diet shows consistently positive results in helping to cure cancer. Well, Aajonus Vonderplanitz takes his remedy one step further. Including raw organic meat with his regimen. See his book published in 1997, “We Want To Live”.

Another well known alternative cancer treatment is The Master Cleanes, developed by Stanley Burroughs. Read about The Master Cleanse.

Alternative Cancer Remedies

Use of laetrile in animal experiments, tumor inhibition was clearly evident. These experiments also showed that if just bitter almonds and apricot kernels were used that they showed similar results that paralleled those of laetrile. These are commonly used in countries that have placed restrictions on the availability of laetrile, or have illegalized or restricted its use altogether.

Garlic has been known for a long time to have immune strengthening abilities as well as used as a detoxicant. Studies have shown that it also has anti cancer properties that protect against the formation of, including metastases, and it also curbs the development of previous tumors.

We have all heard of Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron who pioneered vitamin C and hydrazine sulphate. Daily dosages of 10 grams of Vitamin C showed significant results in lengthening terminal cancer patient’s life spans. Today it is used in greater quantities, just short of the level where you get diarrhea. At the onset of cancer, Vitamin C can also be injected intravenously.

Dr. Joseph Gold discovered that hydrazine sulphate could be administered in the treatment of cancer. Hydrazine sulphate actually blocks a liver enzyme which converts the lactic acid produced by cancerous tumors back into glucose. This action is known to deplete the cancer client’s energy more that it helps. Terminal patients returned positive feedback like improved appetite, normalized weight, and increased strength and most importantly less pain. Presently it is used in the earlier stages of cancer and patients claim tumors disappear completely.

Back in the nineteen fifties there was a drug remedy designed to stimulate the immune system called krebiozen. This was used by five hundred Doctors with twenty thousand testimonials at a trial to back them up. Regardless, the AMA was successful in blacklisting krebiozen developed by the respected Dr. Andrew Ivy.

A pioneer in the development of a very special vaccine. Dr. B.Foley would induce inflammation and fever in his clients in an attempt to cure their cancer. In a long term study it was uncovered that a full half of his cases remained free of any further malignancy from 5 to 54 years.

Another combination of a vegetarian diet mixed with a vaccine derived from the clients own fluids was developed by a microbiologist Virginia Livingston-Wheeler. Widely used and supported especially in Germany where another tubercle bacillus was created by Prof. Enderlein.

Overseas in Japan, there claims some outstanding success by Dr. Hasumi. Dr. Hasumi has made a vaccine out of the clients own urine. The success shown however only works if the client’s immune system is still sufficiently strong enough.

In his book “Water For Life” J.W. Armstrong relates many cases where medically diagnosed cancer patients appeared cured after a three week fasting stint on Urine Therapy and water. A little hard to take for most. However, his results are spectacular. Mr. Armstrong’s position is, that if you have not received any formal cancer treatment you can be cured. He referred to it as “Child’s play”.

A lot of people today use shark cartilage as a result of the findings of Dr. William Lane. He has found good results with this remedy that is now commercially available. Another cartilage product made from bovines is replacing the shark cartilage with equal results. Shark oil has also found to be useful in this area.

A Canadian remedy developed by Gaston Naessens has been found in the cure of cancer, by injecting a compound of modified camphor into lymph nodes to strengthen the immune system. Apparently his remission rate is up around 75 percent. His remedy is called 714-X. Now available only in Canada and New Zealand.

Another radical approach to curing cancer has been found in the poor of eastern European countries. Apparently refined kerosene kills the cancer microbe and possibly the cancer cells also.

Another German Doctor found that by restarting the oxidative energy production with Zell Oxygen he could normalize the cancer cells. Dr. Zeeger’s Zell Oxygen is a culture of young yeast cells very rich in oxygenating enzymes. Combined with royal jelly it appears to work best. The remedy Wobemugos is imported from Germany. It contains proteolytic enzymes from hydrolyzed beef pancreas, thymus and other glands. Terminal patients find this to be very beneficial.

These natural remedies, herbal brews and scientific alternatives can provide great relief for people who are constantly suffering from the unbearable symptoms of any form of cancer. By choosing to rely on a professional alternative health care specialist, you are taking your pain and life into your own hands. As cancer patients are more than likely already taking more than enough prescription medications we feel that it is worth it to experiment with the alternative side of the spectrum. Again, it is important to choose to work with a qualified health care practitioner before you combine any alternative treatments with your already existing medical plan.

-Stephanie Waymen (Rolfe) CNC

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