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Psychological Treatments For Cancer

Another of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s success was to be found in the releasing of deeply repressed sexual energies and feelings. His approach to releasing these energy flows have become standard practice in developing the multitude of bio-energetic therapies many other holistic therapies that are available today.

The use of “the support” group and weekly “meetings” has also been subject to clinical trials in women with breast cancer. The report concludes that you can double your lifespan compared to a similar group who had been treated the same way. This grass roots phenomena has achieved widespread attendance.

The pioneers of Guided Imagery in the elimination of cancer in the U.S. are undoubtedly the Simontons. They clearly demonstrated that, again, patients could double their life spans through these developed psychological techniques. They found associated characteristics in patients to be above the norm, in the areas of emotional resilience, flexible beliefs systems, daily physical workouts and exercise, a clear self-concept and social autonomy. Mainly because many have learned to express their feelings and move toward emotional fulfillment do they acknowledge these techniques for greatly reducing or eliminating their cancers altogether.

Other cultures have an expression called, “pointing the bone” so to speak. This is by far the greatest hurdle for people to overcome. When your Doctor says that you indeed have a life threatening illness, and that there is no way to cure it. Psychologically this presents a very real and difficult obstacle to overcome. As suggested in all the Psyche or mind therapies, what you believe is how it is or will become. This is a dirty trick the medical profession plays on us without compassion of any kind. In essence they are giving you a self fulfilling prophecy that you are going to die. Thereby taking away your greatest ability for recovery, which is found in hope, and as Dr. C. Jung pointed out , the faith, that is essential to the healing process. Dr. Carl Jung never treated anyone who did not have a faith in a supreme being of some kind.

Dr. Hamer in presenting his theories of “The New Medicine” shows the most developing therapy to date. Even though he is much persecuted in Germany, many are aware of his successes first. How about a whopping 95 % success rate! His hypothesis is that there was an emotional shock one to two years prior to the onset of the cancer that needed to be cleared in the individual. Walter Last, a well known cancer researcher, strongly agrees with Dr. Hamer, and would also include an organic diet tailored to the personal typology of the client.

These natural remedies, herbal brews and scientific alternatives can provide great relief for people who are constantly suffering from the unbearable symptoms of any form of cancer. By choosing to rely on a professional alternative health care specialist, you are taking your pain and life into your own hands. As cancer patients are more than likely already taking more than enough prescription medications we feel that it is worth it to experiment with the alternative side of the spectrum. Again, it is important to choose to work with a qualified health care practitioner before you combine any alternative treatments with your already existing medical plan.

-Stephanie Waymen (Rolfe) CNC

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