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Alternative Cancer Technology

Thousands of Doctors outside the U.S.A. have used Ozone therapy to not only cure cancers, but AIDS and other serious infectious diseases as well. A simple technique if you have the technology is to remove approximately 220 ml of your blood and mix it with ozone under pressure. Your blood that has just had the cancer cells killed off and the cancer microbes as well is then given back to you. Your treated blood now has an ability to kill of remaining cells and microbes. Your whole immune system is now strengthened simultaneously. When ozone therapy is not available a common use of diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide is substituted.

Overheating a tumor can have a significant and beneficial effect also. At 42 c. or 43 c. cancer cells are damaged or weakened. This temperature is still harmless to normal cell development and growth. Daily baths that are slowly raised in temperature over a long period, weeks or months, to a temperature of 47 c. Blood sugars must be kept very low as to not stimulate the cancers growth if the temperature isn’t high enough. The patient is now in a hyper-responsive state to include other holistic therapies.

Many patients presently use electronic zappers or magnetic pulsars successfully. Microbes and cancer cells are inhibited by the south pole of a magnet. After long exposure to 4000 gauss or more tumors regress after long exposure. There is also evidence that pain, inflammation and infections are also greatly reduced by this method. The Hulda Clark zapper and the Beck zapper or blood purifier are presently commercially used. Oxygen therapy and colloidal silver are usually used in conjunction with the magnetic pursers.

An article in The New Scientist suggested that by radiating a tumor with blue light produced inhibiting cell division results similar to magnetic zappers. Some hospitals still use blue light to cure jaundice in young babies.

A German invention called The Tornado Machine is used to shine incredibly high radio frequencies onto the tumor. This overheats the affecting tumor and causes its destruction. Unlike conventional radio therapy it doesn’t harm the surrounding tissue that is still healthy.

A radio therapist at a hospital in Perth, Australia, managed to get some financial support to purchase Tornado machines from the then local Premier John Tonkin. One for the hospital and one for his clinic. Dr John Holt then treated more than 7000 clients at his private clinic with amazing results. While at the same time he treated cancer patents with normal radio therapy at the hospital.

An academic study or trial was carried out on head and neck cancers. The results indicated that 34% was achieved with radio-therapy that included a three year follow up study showing only a 17% rate of success. While on the other hand, with the Tornado machine a staggering 92% success rate was achieved with a 68% success rate on the follow up. The medical profession would only allow the Tornado to be used in private practice alone, while the one in the local hospital was never taken out of the box.

Another instrument that emitted electronic frequencies was developed by Roy Ray Rilfe. This instrument was known to kill specific cancer cells. Even though his high success rate was attested to by more conventional research, the actions of the AMA or American Medical Association, took to the courts to have the treatment machines destroyed. Now some replicas are making their way back, and some appear more effective at killing cancer cells than others.

Orgone Accumulators were one of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s many achievements and success. His work is held in the same esteem as Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Dr. Adler. His success with terminal cancer clients using the orgone machine is widely known. Unfortunately the robustly healthy Doctor Reich died in a U.S. prison at 55 years of age. It’s not good for your health to claim you can cure cancer in the US.

Recently it was uncovered that living organisms have quantifiable electrical fields that surrounds them by Harold S. Burr. Ten volt needles were used by Bjorn Nordenstrom to insert into a tumor to destroy it. It is known that tumors have a negative charge compared to the surrounding tissue. This is very similar to acupuncture needles that are electrified.

People are still going in droves to the Philippines to undergo Psychic Surgery, where abundant claims of cancer cures continue to reach North American Newspapers. And Tabloids.

These natural remedies, herbal brews and scientific alternatives can provide great relief for people who are constantly suffering from the unbearable symptoms of any form of cancer. By choosing to rely on a professional alternative health care specialist, you are taking your pain and life into your own hands. As cancer patients are more than likely already taking more than enough prescription medications we feel that it is worth it to experiment with the alternative side of the spectrum. Again, it is important to choose to work with a qualified health care practitioner before you combine any alternative treatments with your already existing medical plan.

-Stephanie Waymen (Rolfe) CNC

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