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Natural Treatments for Impotence (ED) L-Z



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An essential amino acid that increases nitric oxide in the body that dilates your blood vessels producing an erection. It is also known to strengthen the immune system and advance growth hormones.

MACA (Lepidium meyenii)

Maca is an herb that is thought to have magical properties and is found in the Peruvian Andes, where it has been used for many centuries. Folklore has it that it has a stunning effect on male impotence. They now call it Peruvian Viagra. It is also used for increasing physical stamina and is understood to help prevent osteoporosis in the aging population.


Reflexologist’s contend that a ) by exercising points on the body to support it in relaxing and reducing stress is one way to combat E.D. And, b) by pressing points on the insides and outsides of the ankles can stimulate the sexual organs and urinary tract.

Reflexologist’s also believe that by stimulating the proper trigger points that increased blood flow can be achieved, leading to an erection. Like acupuncture this may take more than one visit, so make it a commitment of ten sessions before abandoning it.


Rolfing has now joined the American lexicon of new words meaning “Deep Tissue”. This is an 11 session physical treatment process that goes throughout your body and realigns it structurally. In the process your ability to breathe more fully is demonstrated in the first session. An increase in more oxygen circulating in the body equals greater strength and vitality.

SAFED MUSLI (Chlorophytum arundincaeum)

Once again the Ayurvedic community comes through with an ancient product, previously known as “Indian Herbal Viagra”. This product has recently been tested with very positive results. Known for it’s immune building agents and curative properties for arthritis and diabetes, Safed Musli is now used by many men who attest to getting erections after only one or two days use.


Saw palmetto is understood to be called “the plant catheter” by locals who use it. Primarily used for aiding the urinary function, the neck of the bladder, and prostate in men. Women use it to treat ovarian and uterine irritations, and breast enlargement and lactation. Both use it as an aphrodisiac. The list of benefits from this plant is extensive. This beautiful herb helps everything from the lungs and digestion to balancing urinary frequency. It treats enlarged glands and thyroid, balances hormones while increasing arousal and sex drive. Building up essential body tissue from its anabolic tonic effects it strengthens the body throughout.

SANLIDA (Golden Cordycepin/Ginseng)

This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) gives you the very best of east and west. It has now been engineered to take effect in thirty minutes to three hours, and last as long as seventy two. Sanlida’s more powerful effects occur in the regeneration of brain cells. Strengthening male sexuality and slowing the aging process and enhancing longevity. I could write a commercial on this one, but don’t listen to me. Accept the assurance of literally millions of men will strongly attest to this remedies remarkable powers.

YIN YANG HUO (Herba epimedi)

Another of TCM’s herbal remedies. This one has some horny goat weed in it. Ying yang Huo is also recognized to have powerful curative properties in treating erectile dysfunction.


Man’s tribute to the terrestrial Gods. This herb has been around for centuries. The list of male enhancement properties is profoundly extensive. It both stimulates and strengthens the whole reproductive system of male sexuality. Promising better erections with increased blood flow to the penis. This herb is well known for its muscle growth, body building and increased testosterone amounts in your body. It also has a very good reputation for lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure. Through its powerful effect on the kidney’s and liver, it lowers blood sugars and relieves constipation. This herb is also respected as an anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and anti bacterial that is very helpful for those suffering from Candida.


These seeds have a reputation for improving erections, impotence, performance and libido that is a thousand years old. The main ingredient is pyrazolo pyrimidinone, drawn from a natural source; it is now used extensively in E.D. prescription medications today. This is achieved by the xanthoparmelia scabrosa seeds having a great impact on arterial dilation causing relaxation in the smooth muscles. Allowing the increase in blood flow to support long lasting erections and fortifying stamina and strength.


Originally used as an aphrodisiac, this South African bark extract is the only FDA approved alternative impotence treatment. The active ingredient is yohimbine, which assists in the dilation of the smaller blood vessels, particularly in the penis. (Again, circulation shows itself to be everything needed to help with the erection process!) It is reported that men receiving an injection of this extract get immediate erections. Wow!

Other important Suggestions for Healing Impotence;

  • If you smoke cigarettes, quit! Cigarettes are known to decrease the all important circulation, increase Blood Pressure and Heart Disease. Do whatever it takes to quit, even if you have to take drugs.
  • If you have a huge pot belly, you most likely have a distended colon. Do a full colon cleansing program using herbs such as Casgara Sagrada, take Psyllium husks and aloe vera juice and eat loads of fiber rich fruits and vegetables. A clean colon greatly improves circulation and sex drive. Not to mention it’ll sweeten your breath which will sweeten your sexual prospects.
  • Conserve your alcohol intake to a few drink a day, alcohol is a known depressant after a few drinks.
  • Workaholism. Overworking and work related stress is tough on the libido.
    But this is a more of a Psychological Issue
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