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What Is Impotence (ED)?

Don’t Let Impotence get you Down

Throughout three thousand years of recorded history, natural treatments and recipes for impotence cures have abounded. From Goddess Aphrodite and the Greeks to ancient East Indian Ayurvedic cures. Who has not heard about the best of Chinese Herbal Medicine’s Ginseng formulas and teas? Even the Old Testament Christian Bible has a remedy. We’ve all had a turn at the bat.

However, impotence is impotence. It means weakness, and men never want to feel that they are weak, in any way! So to make the subject more comfortable to talk about, let’s call it Erectile Dysfunction instead. Still uncomfortable with that, then let’s just use E.D. That’s the allopathic and scientific approach. Break it down to just the part, ignoring the whole.

This article on impotence will be all about the whole of you, and how you can bring the whole back in order, so that the part does what you want it to; give you pleasure.

Impotence is a difficulty with an outer appendage, which is telling you directly of a deeper inner disorder. Your life could depend on how you approach this dilemma. A study of men with E.D. over fifty five, revealed to be at a greater risk of undiagnosed heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Definition of Impotence

But first, let’s get clear on a definition of impotence or erectile dysfunction. It means you experience a distinct inability to achieve and maintain an erection throughout sexual intercourse. This definition also includes an inability to obtain an erection through stimulation, or loose it before ejaculation occurs.

Curiously enough this definition does not include other such related symptoms, like lack of libido, or inability to ejaculate or even achieve orgasm. Erectile dysfunction is primarily and only concerned with getting and maintaining an erection, that’s all.

The holistic approach is concerned with all of you. That all your parts are balanced and enhanced by improving blood circulation and stamina, virility and vitality, as well as enriching sexual sensation in a positive way.

This gives impotence drugs a temporarily superior edge, because they work almost immediately. Except for some of the harmful side effects like blindness. Even though impotence herbs may take a few hours or more likely a few days to take effect, they can also last for days.

There are many natural cures for ED that do not involve using pharmaceuticals. They do however involve restoring the biochemical balances in the body. This means making dietary and lifestyle changes that are designed to expand your general overall health for the long term.

Did you know that different studies conclude that as many as 10% to 30% of North American men in their late twenties and early thirties suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction or impotence? Most think this is just a natural consequence of the aging process. It isn’t! Many systems like the Chinese and Ayurvedic see more as a red flag, that the body is out of balance and declining in health.

-Stephanie Waymen (Rolfe) CNC

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