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Psychological Causes of Impotence (ED)


It’s a common misunderstanding today that the main cause of sexual dysfunction is physiologically based; diabetes, pharmacologically related disorders, stroke or heart conditions.

We now understand that over fifty percent of impotent men actually suffer from psychological disorders, not physiological disorders as originally thought. Disorders such as stress, alcohol and substance abuse or performance anxiety. Sex fears or previous sexual abuse make a solid case for impotence. Marital, social and religious pressures also factor strongly in today’s list of ailments that affect the male libido and healthy erections.

Lifestyle shows itself to be at the top of the risk factors that are affecting us in this area. Financial concerns, performance worries, tobacco and narcotics, and stress, of course, is right at the top of the list. You can also include anxiety, depression, feelings of shame, loss or guilt, inadequacy and low self esteem.

There’s also; worthlessness, depression, cultural expectations, marriage problems, trust, communication inabilities, daily problems that consume your thoughts, lack of personal intimate awareness, irritability and anger either expressed or repressed, all have a profound impact on the male ability to perform. And performance is what’s at stake here.


So let’s start with performance. This is really important; men at one time or another, for variable reasons, experience some temporary form of impotence. That is just the way it is. It is not that you are coming down with impotence at all. You are not! You are just being normal. Healthy even. Give yourself some breathing room and it will go its merry way.

However, if you latch onto the thought “Oh my God, I’m impotent!”, that in and of itself will begin a series of responses in you that will facilitate experiencing more of the same. Anxiety is about the only response the human mind can come up with after you’ve had that thought, if you’re a guy. Don’t get stuck in brooding or worrying about it. That’s a one way street to further dysfunction.

Because that anxiety will then beget another series of thoughts that will then return another volley of fear, anxiety, frustration, and unknowing. When you come down from that adrenal boost you will certainly feel some depression. Every high does have a low, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. However it’s not time just yet to go and visit the Doc. Let’s explore some alternatives.

You will recognize that all the above ailments can be dealt with in a responsible manner. If you smoke, then quit. Just that easy. Deal with it. Do you want me to trot out the statistical data showing how much of that smoking is every valid reason not to get an erection? It is, and the stats are there! The choice is yours.

Drinking, does mean whiskey dick or brewers droop, or do I need to say more? You know what to do. The thing is is that you want to reach for a pill like a Pavlov dog rather than taking personal responsibility for your own dysfunction. Just drop the drink. If the drink is more important then that’s where you start your healing journey. Or you give up sex as a conscious and clear intention, knowing full well that it’s the drink that won.

As I mentioned earlier, stress is showing itself to be the number one cause of male impotence. We all have multitasking lives. Between being breadwinners, fathers, lovers, accomplishers, or just pain heroes, we’re dancing as fast as we can. Hard just to stop all that busy activity, slow down to the body or souls sense of timing and relax into some juicy sex.

We need mood, environment, absence of distractions, and some time to forget about our busy lives. As long as your day planner is as filled as it is, then this isn’t easy to do. So maybe recognize that, and do what it takes to schedule it in. Rather than getting on your case for not coming up with an erection on a moments notice. Men aren’t machines.

Previous sexual abuse, poor sexual orientation, or deeply rooted fears are something that you’re going to have to get in touch with and probably ask for professional help. Men can’t do it all, nor should they be expected to. Most men don’t walk around with a psych degree. Know when to ask for help, you’ll be glad you did. This is not easy to heal, but it can be done. It will take a clear dedication on your part to repatriate all your selves back together. And it won’t happen over night. This one takes patience.

Everything listed above can be worked out by what I call “putting it on the mat”. Being willing to be open to dialog and talk about what your problems are with the right person. Everything in you has a root cause that your behavior is then a result of. Usually by getting in touch with your root cause then allows you to cause the behavior to be directed in some other manner.

Once again, if you want to deal with male impotence, start with yourself and taking the fullest degree that you can of personal self responsibility for your problem. Once you see that you are the cause, choice and power is then returned to you. I am not saying it is easy, but I am saying it’s doable. Be a good Knight of the Round table and take up the cause.

-Stephanie Waymen (Rolfe) CNC

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