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Master Cleanse


Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse  or Lemonade Diet Instructions;

Cayenne, fresh, not the old can that’s been I your spice cupboard for years.

Lemons (must be fresh, no substitutes, and organic is ideal, buy a big bag or a box full if more than one in the family is fasting. Grocers often give discounts for boxes of produce). Or if you live in California or Florida, just go raid your neighbors lemon tree.

Grade B Maple Syrup (if Grade B is not available, then use pure Grade A or Pure Amber Maple Syrup. Trader Joes has the best deal on Grade B)

Doing the Master Cleanse is quite simple if you don’t follow the instructions given in most Health Books, or the original formula laid out by Stanley Burroughs.They’ll have you carrying around jars of overly spicy lemonade that you’d rather use as a pesticide on your plants than actually drink. When you leave the hot cayenne pepper in the liquids all day, the heat distills out and makes it undrinkable at the end of the day. Besides, it’s absolutely not necessary to carry jugs of the stuff around with you.

Simply squeeze about 6 fresh lemons into a jar or container with lid, and double that with the Grade B Maple syrup (Grade B is richer in minerals and cheaper than Grade A, which is more refined for the more sugary palette).

So, if your lemon measures out at a cup, then add a cup of syrup. This is the concentrate you’ll carry with you for the day. Throughout the day (drink as much as you like, even if you need to make up a batch later) pour about 1/5 of a cup into a glass; add a glass of water and a pinch of cayenne pepper and drink. Because you’ve just added the pepper, it won’t be hot at all, quite invigorating actually.

So, besides your lemon/syrup concentrate, you’ll need to carry a small baggy or container of cayenne. You can find water wherever you are, so need to pack that everywhere.

Drink as much as you like, drinking it when you feel hungry, light headed, low energy or nausea. Some people find it too sweet, so back off on the amount of concentrate you add to the glass. Others have higher physical demands, so they’ll want to add more concentrate to keep their blood sugar up. It’s important to include the Grade B maple syrup or your blood sugar will drop too low.

If you’re hypoglycemic, don’t buy into the myth that you can’t fast. You can fast on the Master Cleanse because it keeps your blood sugar consistently high. And you’ll heal your blood sugar swings because your liver functioning will greatly improve, thus creating a more stable blood sugar level. If you can ever find this little gem of a book, you’ll never fall for the hypoglycemic myth again;

Hope for Hypoglycemia, It’s not your mind, it’s your liver” by Broda O. Barnes MD PhD Out of print, but worth searching for.

How long should you fast?

If this is your first fast, I recommend about 3 days. But if you’re trying to heal any diseases (including hypoglycemia) you should consider trying 10-30 days. Most people do 10 days, in the spring when cleansing is ideal. Helps get rid of the winter pudge too!

Please consult with your local naturopath on how to fast safely.

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