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Apr 162014

remediesforyeastinfection.info – Review – Do not use

I will be reviewing many yeast infection websites to help share what is good information and what is just an excuse for ad $ and affiliate links.

Now, I’m not saying using affiliate links are bad, I use them myself to support my online work. But there are a ton of really bad affiliate sites that have little original content. The website content is obviously created by an article spinner, which is just rehashed content taken from another website or PLR content. Google has been coming down on these sites, but there are still many of them and rememdiesforyeastinfection.info is one of them.

My first clue was when I sent their contact email a letter, it was returned as a unknown email address, boo!
Legitimate sites never do this, it would be online business-suicide!

Mostly though, if you read some of their content, there is nothing original. A clue that an article is simply respun is there will be no paragraphs or headings in the article, its one big text block that they didn’t bother to edit into something worth reading.

Their information is totally redundant….natural cures for yeast infections…garlic, tea tree oil, vinegar and yogurt…snore!
So rehashed.

Mostly I wanted to make you all aware of sites like this so you can spot them right off and don’t waste your time. They always have tons of ads and their content is tangibly copied and respun.
But if you really want to know if they’re a site worth visiting, send them an email and see if get returned or not. I just wish google had a way of determining these sites before they index them. Maybe their new Panda-Hummingbird algorithms will start detecting them so we don’t have to waste our time.

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