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Blessings of Restless Leg Syndrome


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If you’ve been doing your Restless Leg Syndrome (aka Ekboms Disease) research, you’ll find this information to be somewhat different. I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) or Jumpy Legs since I was pregnant with my first child, thirty-five years ago. This awful affliction has forced me to research the cause and cure for years before I found any answers. Now I consider this affliction a blessing, since incorporating the cure has also enforced the prevention of many other illnesses. Know that you’re not alone and there is lots you can do not only prevent Jimmy Legs, but also get rid of it when it does set it’s anxiety driven tingles into your legs at night.

Restless leg syndrome, or RLS is a neurological disorder that causes one’s legs to twitch and jump around without your permission or desire. Especially in the evening after a full meal. You can be sitting there, enjoying a TV show after dinner and bang! You’ll start feeling possessed by this anxiety combined with an uncontrollable urge to get up and move. This bossy feeling will not allow you to just sit and relax, they must get up and move or you’ll feel like you’re going mad!

Comics make jokes about how ridiculous and silly this medical condition sounds, like the sufferers are making it up for attention. We wish! Sufferers would give anything to have it all be a big joke. Let it all be a big laugh so we can get a good night’s sleep without the creepy, crawly onslaught directing us off the bed like some boot camp sergeant. Call Father Damian to have them Exorcised!

Before I discovered the cause and subsequent blessings of RLS, I used to call it “The Enemy”. I feel in control of most areas of my life. I know that I create my own reality and am pleased that my life is going the way I want it to, except these bloody bossy legs that jump about the room without my permission, almost nightly. I totally resented their control, outside of my desire, want or need. I looked at it as something that had nothing to do with me and when it took over, I hated it with a passion. I would stomp about the room, exercising until they calmed down, seeing no benefit to it whatsoever.

What the experts say about RLS

After years of searching for the cause, I’ve found that the experts know the least about this condition. Mostly, Medical Doctors say they don’t know the cause and it can’t be cured.

MDs then write a prescription for sleeping pills or a drug like Requip, both of which have serious side effects. You might remember Requip as the Parkinson’s drug that is being blamed for causing compulsive gambling in its users, users who had no such compulsions before using this drug.

Years ago, after having major surgery, I complained to my surgeon that my jumpy legs kept me up at night, especially with all these post-surgery medications. His response was “Yah, I get that at night, what causes that?” He sent me to my family MD, who promptly prescribed me sleeping and anti-anxiety pills, neither of which helped at all.

If you’re very lucky, you’ll have an MD that will at least test you for anemia to see if you’re iron deficient. Low iron levels causes poor oxygen supply to the body causing cramping of the muscles in some people. It wasn’t my problem at all, I have the iron levels of an iron horse.

It’s only recently RLS has been recognized by the medical establishment. It’s still misdiagnosed as panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia and psychosomatic. In children its often misdiagnosed as growing pains, hyperactivity or calcium deficiency.

Alternative Naturopathic doctors, Nutritionists and health food store employees are also in the dark as to the cause. They might recommend taking calcium and magnesium, but this does not address the cause at all.

Taking cal/mag and expecting it to work well, is like taking cal/mag for low blood sugar. It might help a tiny bit but you won’t notice it much as you run around acting like a maniac because the cause of low blood sugar and RLS has little to do with cal/mag deficiency.

The effects and impact of this neurological condition are so consuming, irritating and overwhelming, you absolutely must treat the cause or any other treatment will not have a strong enough impact on the symptoms.

In my experience of being around alternative healers for most of my life, they recommend things like cal/mag because they don’t know the cause but don’t want to say that, and they truly do want to help you so they recommend what they can, but you’ll still be kicking your spouse all night trying to get back to sleep.

When I started to see RLS as a blessing, the anxiety around it changed.
I’ve become objective to the bossy symptoms;

“Hello Darkness, my old friend!”…is now my humorous mantra. I no longer let it take over and instill all kinds of negative victim-thoughts, making me feel like I’m having a panic attack. I simply observe the process, stretch, eat protein, take magnesium and sometimes a little medical marijuana, which is an excellent dopamine source.
My attitude of seeing RLS as a blessing has moved me from effect to cause, I am in control, even when it takes over. Hello Darkness my old friend!

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-Stephanie Waymen (Rolfe) CNC

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