Stephanie Waymen CNC

Feb 182014

How to survive sugar cravings

If you have systemic yeast, you’re most likely suffering from intense sugar cravings. This is just the little yeasties (Candida) wanting their mainstay food. I promise you, if you can stick it out for a week or two, those cravings will disappear. You’ll no longer be ruled by their tyranny.

The way to survive a sugar craving is to eat high fat foods. Good fat, not junky fast food, deep fried, hydrogenated fat. No trans fats! Eat the foods mentioned above and the natural fats in those foods will satiate your body enough to carry you through the sugar craving, this works! And please, don’t be fat-phobic. Carbs make you fat, not good fat. The integrity of every cell in your body is somewhat dependent on your intake of good fats, especially your hormonal system.

We’re still recovering from the fat-phobic 80′s, but we’re learning, now we know it’s OK to eat good fats, so enjoy and give yourself a break. You’ll need it when you’re on this restricted diet.

-Stephanie Waymen (Rolfe) CNC

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