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More Vaginal Yeast Infection Cures


More Vaginal Yeast Infection Cures

You’ve probably come to this page after reading “Instant Vaginal Yeast Infection Cure”.
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More Vaginal Yeast Infection Cures;

Panty soup;

Yes, you read right…panty soup! Boil your panties for 5 minutes. Laundry soap does not kill yeast or Candida. If you’ve been plagued with reoccurring yeast infections, this may be why. Boil your panties when you notice the dreaded itch returning, this will kill the source.
If your husband comes by asking “What’s for dinner?”, don’t show him your panty soup, unless you never want to see him in your kitchen again, then…

Cotton panties only;

Please, ONLY wear cotton panties, or at least underwear with a cotton crotch. Synthetic fabrics breed bacteria and yeast, exacerbating the symptoms of yeast infections. At night, wear nothing. As often as possible during the day, wear nothing under your skirt or sarong. If you live in a hot clime, this is also effective in absorbing sweat.

Wash twice with soap;

Wash the vaginal area twice with soap, rinsing in between. This helps maintain a lower amount of yeasties. Feels squeaky clean too.

Eat less sugar;

You only need go on a strict Candida diet if you have a systemic (throughout your body) yeast infection, otherwise simply cutting back on sugar will help starve off the yeast in your body and vagina. Yeast LOVES sugar!

If you’re a sugar addict and cannot stop eating sugar, especially candy or sodas, all day, then simply replace this addiction with something high in fat for a few days until the cravings go away, then you’ll be free of this monkey on your back. Carry almonds, cashews or any nut around with you. Eat avocados, cheese, yogurt or eggs. Eat these foods to carry you through the cravings, they really help! And please, don’t be fat-phobic, you gain weight from carbs (sugars), not fat.

The late Dr. Broda Barnes explained this weight loss issue (carbs vs fats) in one of the best books ever written on
Hypothyroidism and Weight Loss; “Hypothyroidism, The Unsuspected Illness”

A little tip; if you have Diabetes, this is the most important book you’ll ever read to prevent becoming an amputee!
It’s not an easy book to find as it is out of print now, so I’ve included a link to this little known, fabulous book!

I rarely use the words “trust me” as they sound so spammy, but trust me, this book is seriously worth reading.

Acidophilus Capsule prevention;

Insert a capsule of acidophilus as far into the vagina as possible and leave overnight. The next day you might want to wear a panty-liner. This is incredibly effective at preventing yeast infections, or if just do not have the time to do The Instant Yeast Infection Cure, you will find this helpful. You don’t need to buy the “special vaginal yeast infection acidophilus” capsules that cost way more than the regular acidophilus, unless you want that handy inserter that comes in the package. Just know that any acidophilus will work. If you want to spend the money or expensive, complete probiotics, fine, but it’s not necessary.

Tea Tree Oil;

Tea Tree Oil is the essential oil of the Australian Tea Tree. I could write a whole book on the uses of Tea Tree Oil. It’s also known in my marriage as “No sex oil”, cause it smells like cleaning solvent, but really works! This smelly oil kills bacteria dead, and immediately. It travels better than Hydrogen Peroxide, which tends to be somewhat volatile, making security personnel at borders nervous. You can use Tea Tree Oil in place of Hydrogen Peroxide in the Instant Yeast Infection Cure, but it’s IMPORTANT to only use a few drops.

WARNING: As with all essential oils, you only need a small amount. Tea Tree Oil should ONLY be used diluted, in water or a carrier oil like almond oil. So in your douching equipment, you only need 4-5 drops.

OR you can dilute a tampon with 4-5 drops of Tea Tree Oil, insert overnight to kill the nasty little yeasties. This works! Be sure to follow with acidophilus to replace what the oil has killed off.


Grapefruit Seed Extract;

Much like Tea Tree Oil, bitter grapefruit seed extract is highly effective in killing yeast. You can buy it in liquid or capsule form. Use the liquid in a douche or tampon, just a few drops works. If you’re traveling to third world countries, this is a great supplement for preventing Montezuma’s revenge. This is also a great supplement if you’re trying to rid your body of systemic yeast infection.

Boric Acid;

Boric acid is the perfect acidity for the friendly bacteria (acidophilus) in the vagina to multiply. Capsules are hard to find, so you can douche slowly with a level teaspoon, or you can fill size 00 capsules with Boric Acid Powder, found at your local drug store. Insert into the vagina every night for a few weeks. Many women have reported the effectiveness of Boric Acid.


Garlic, another “No Sex” solution works well. Garlic kills bacteria and yeast. Ideally, you want to attach a small thread to the garlic clove before inserting, or it may get lost up there. It really shouldn’t be in there any longer than overnight or things can pretty smelly! Use your needle and thread to attach enough thread to give you something to pull the clove out with the next day. This works, but like I said, it’s a “No-sex” solution.

Avoid chemical irritants;

Use non-perfumed laundry soap and don’t use dryer sheets or fabric softener, they’re loaded with chemical based perfumes that only irritant the sensitive labia. Thankfully, today, most soap companies offer perfume free soaps. Once you get used to using these, you’ll find the synthetic perfume scents they use in health and beauty products offensive. If you really want your clothes to smell nice, hang them on the line to collect ozone, that’s the best perfume ever!

Also, be careful of condoms and spermicides. If you need condoms and are prone to yeast infections, you’ll be wanting to use the Instant Yeast Infection Cure to prevent outbreaks.

Apple cider vinegar;

Apple cider vinegar (organic, with The Mother, culture still intact) can be highly effective in returning the body and vagina to a more balanced pH. If you have a high acid diet you’ll find this remedy effective; drink 1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water 1-2 times a day, and add ½ to 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to a soaking bath, great relief!

Yogurt Tampons;

Insert a tampon into plain yogurt (absolutely no sugars), insert into vagina over night, do as often as you like. Yogurt is made from acidophilus culture, so works well in repopulating a health vaginal environment. This will “sweeten” things up nicely.

Candida Awareness;

Mostly, be aware of the natural balance of beneficial bacteria in the vagina. Acidophilus is indigenous to this area, be aware of what might cause that balance to be out of whack. When this imbalance occurs, replace what’s lost. It’s really that simple.

-Stephanie Waymen (Rolfe) CNC


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